Patents and shortcuts do not mix.  At Gehrke & Associates, when a client wants to patent an idea, one of our first steps is a comprehensive patentability search.  Not all patent practitioners do this. 

We believe in drafting the patent application with the best information available to offer our clients with a high-quality patent application that avoids unnecessary and costly delays.  We believe the search provides our clients with the information needed to make an informed business decision.  The prior art discovered in a patent search helps decide if any patent protection is available and whether the claims will issue on the patent are worth the cost of pursuing the patent. 

We practice in many technology fields, but our emphasis is on patents related to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemicals and materials, mechanical devices, safety devices, personal protection equipment, protective work clothing, shoes, and tools.  Our patent professionals have complimentary expertise and work together with technology advisors to provide the best possible result.