Business Related Legal Services


Business Development

Businesses need a lot of attention to succeed.  A poorly planned legal move could be devastating to a business, especially a young one.  Having legal counsel involved from the inception onward is important for developing a healthy business and avoiding unnecessary costs.  Businesses benefit from our integration of business and intellectual property law expertise.  As intellectual property assets and globalization of the marketplace increase, it is more and more important for all businesses to be aware of intellectual property and the critical role it plays in business today.

Business Formation

Choosing what legal form of business you have is a critical first step.  How much personal financial exposure do you have?  Who else is in business with you?  Where will your funding come from?  How will the profits be distributed?  What kind of taxation method do you want?  These and many other questions help determine which form of business is best for your business.  We can inform and guide you in your decision-making.  Operational agreements, sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLPs , C Corporations, S Corporations, Professional Corporations, LLCs and Non-Profits, each has benefits and pitfalls that you need to know. 

Business and Intellectual Property

All businesses today must deal with intellectual property.  Simply by entering the marketplace, intellectual property becomes an issue.  Trademarks and servicemarks as well as copyrights are the most common intellectual property encountered.

Agreements & Licensing
Even if you do not sell or license your own intellectual property, many times you will find you need to use someone else’s intellectual property to make your business work efficiently.  Perhaps you need to use software or would like to include pictures from a favorite artist in a publication.  Making sure the licensing agreement is comprehensive and advantageous requires a firm understanding of intellectual property and business law.