Technology Watch for Patent Clients

Gehrke & Associates, SC’s Complimentary Technology Watch Service

This service is available to our clients who have active patent portfolios. Unlike patent searches usually conducted in response to, or in conjunction with, an internal R & D project, this service allows you to passively monitor the newly published US patent applications of your competitors as well as technologies of interest to you. The watches are set up according to keyword, competitor (assignee or inventor) or US patent classification and we e-mail any results to you on a monthly basis.

The set up is simple:  If you are interested in monitoring published US patent applications filed by Company/Inventor XYZ, the technology watch will alert us when the USPTO publishes an application by Company/Inventor XYZ. We will in turn forward a copy of that application to you.  The service can also monitor technology types and entire patent classes.  We will work with you to narrow the watch if it produces too many results.

To set up your watch, print the PDF enrollment form below and fax it to us at 414.774.4837 or scan and e-mail it to us.

Please contact us via e-mail at if you have questions about the technology watch service or suggestions to make this service more useful to you. Thank you.

James Gehrke,
Sep 30, 2014, 9:13 AM