About Us

About Gehrke & Associates, SC

Lisa Gehrke founded Gehrke & Associates, SC in 2002.  We are an intellectual property law firm that believes that you deserve personal, professional, and tailored legal service. 

We are located in Wauwatosa -- a large suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Our clients range from individuals to multi-national corporations.  We serve local clients as well as clients from around the world.  We emphasize electronic communication and e-filing both for speed and for the convenience of our clients. 

Legal Information:

Gehrke & Associates, SC is a service corporation organized under §§180.1903 to 180.1921 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  

Gehrke & Associates, SC is a special-purpose type of business corporation for shareholders who are all licensed to practice law.  

As with all corporations, Gehrke & Associates, SC is a separate legal entity from its owner(s)/shareholder(s) and this limits liability owed to outside creditors.